Knit a Moss Stitch Tie

Ties are clearly one of the most important attributes when it comes to men outfits. However women can also wear them with the style and grace. I decided to make a present for my cousin – he is very much into ties. I searched the internet for the tutorial that was going to help me to create a tie for a present and that used the stitched that I was familiar with. Luckily the moss stitch-which I can easily knit-is very usable when it comes to ties. I don’t know how I haven’t come up with that idea before. I found a great tutorial with an excellent explanation in order to knit a beautiful tie. I think that there are a lot of fellow knitters who would love to make a present for hubbies, brothers, sons and etc. We can wear them as well, they are really quality looking and beautiful. Let’s try.

You can get the pattern – here


Check Out the Video Below:

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