Crochet Cute Kitten – Pattern

Kittens are pretty much one of the cutest animal creatures on the planet. They are beautiful, friendly and lovely. I love to have them around and share the moments of joy with them. A lot of the members of the crochet community are into pets, I know that from my personal experience. I also tend to notice that a lot of us love to make a crochet example of the pet we adore. For the ones who are into cats I have a great tutorial to share.
I found this pattern on Tejiendo Peru’s blog. They definitely tried hard in order to create such a lovely piece and I guess she probably has a lot of tutorials shared on her page as well. I strongly suggest checking them out. Till than if you are eager to crochet this beautiful creature there’s a tutorial ready for you.

'); Click here to show tutorial

Video Tutorial:

–> Written Pattern / Instructions Here < —

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