What a Lovely Bunnies to Make

Making bunnies is one of my favorite go to projects for the Easter holidays. I have searched tutorial for the knitters and today I would like to make my research for the sewers and for the other DIY enthusiasts. I found a great article with a full explanation on Ikatbag. First of all I would like to encourage of all you landing on my blog to visit Ikatbag, because it is truly a great place for every craftsmen to find themselves.

This bunny tutorial is such an enjoyable one. I made it myself following an easy steps an author has provided on the page I am going to share with you. It can’t be called a sewing project but for the most part I believe it is more sewing than something else. I believe that you are going to enjoy this wonderful and easy tutorial as I did.

Check Out the Tutorial via Link Below:
Ikat Bag – Bunny Party: Bunnies


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