Crochet Heart Beanie

Heart Beanie Crochet Tutorial

Recently we’ve come across pretty interesting tutorial for the very beautiful heart beanie. We believe that our readers are going to like the project and are going to follow and learn to make it along. The pattern we are going to redirect you to – is going to guide you through the entire process. We […]

Crochet Puff Square

Triple Granny Square by E&L

Today we are lucky enough to have ourselves a lovey tutorial that is going to teach us to crochet one of the most beautiful crochet squares we have ever come across. Even though some call the stitch – puff, we prefer to implement the word ‘heart’ in it because the beauty of the project truly […]

Crochet Bag from Squares

Crochet Motif Handbag from Squares

A lot of various items can be made of squares. We have shared a bunch of tutorials regarding this topic. Previously we were busy sharing square blanket patterns and we believe that our viewers are going to appreciate this one as well. Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful handbag out of […]


Pretty Blanket Pattern

Today we are going to look at this wonderful blanket instructions. It is pity that we weren’t able to find English guidelines however we believe that the info we were able to scratch may be enough for the majority of our readers, at least we do hope so. Today we are going to share two […]


Pretty Wave Hat Tutorial

Today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful wave hat. The beanie will look beautiful on you on the frosty days that have settled in the majority of the places where our readers come from. If you are from an ever warm country than good for you, hope we may join you. […]


3D Motif Blanket Chart

Let’s look at a wonderful motif blanket chart for today. Now we know that a lot of you love to crochet of patterns however when the project is simple enough we believe that a little chart explanation is just what is needed. We found this chart online and it is very similar to the motif […]


Daisy Motif Blanket – Pattern

Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful daisy blanket. The blanket is made out of motif squares thus learning to crochet daisy motifs should be our main goal and afterwards a little seaming will do the rest. We believe that this pattern is one our readers will surely enjoy. The pattern is […]


Zigzag Blanket with Squares

Let’s look at one of the most beautiful project that we have seen in the recent past. We believe that when different knowledge is combined a beautiful and original piece of art may be born. The project we are going to look at today is a clear example of this notion. Making blanket from a […]


Multicolor Beanie Tutorial

Today we are going to look at a wonderful beanie tutorial. As the title of the video guidelines that we have found suggest, the tutorial is for child sized beanies, however we believe that an easy twist can be made in order to adapt the size to your own preferences. You will absolutely love this […]


Square Motif Blanket Vol2

Today we are going to add on to the tutorial we have shared previously. In this tutorial we are still going to take our time and try to learn a new motif blanket design project. I believe that the readers who enjoyed the tutorial shared previously on our blog are certainly appreciate this one as […]