Amazing Crochet Caravan

The world of DIY is something special. Projects like this make you wonder just how beautiful and creative handmade world may appear from time to time. Greedyforcolour did an absolutely astonishing work with its’ caravan project. Just look at the beauty they have provided. I first saw this project a couple days ago and I was shocked with it. I was inspired to make my own caravan and do it with the quality that they did.

I found their caravan post to be one of the most inspirational for the crochet enthusiast. For this reason I gladly ask all of you to see the photos of their project and believe that it is something you have to try your hooks on. I personally think that the pattern itself is not as important, because clearly this project can be done in lot of different ways, but an idea is as impressive as it ever gets.

Check Out Caravan Project via Link Below:
Greedy For Colour-Crochet Caravan


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