Dutch Rabbits’ Pattern – Can’t Resist to Make


Knitting toys is one of the most entertaining activities out there for any craftsmen. As for me I find it to be one of the most relaxing and refreshing things to do. Of course I don’t knit toys as often as I do knit blankets, socks or cowls, however I always strive to find a day or two in order to make an extra toy for children. I think rabbits are perfect animals to knit because of the various reasons but for the most part simply because they are just too adorable to resist making them.
I do not have my own pattern when it comes to the toys, however I do know a great one for free that you may like. Rachel Borello Carroll has a beautiful and complete pattern on her Ravelry page. I made the same rabbits you can see on the picture just by simply following what she gave and not implementing anything more. I believe you are going to enjoy this one.

Check Out the Pattern via Link Below:
Dutch Rabbit from Rachel Carroll

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