Learning Edges – The Picot Hem


Learning different edges is surely going to benefit you in the long run. The picot hem edge is one of the most beautiful edges you may come across. And while being such a unique one not all the knitters are familiar with it and few of them actually know how to make it the proper way. I myself didn’t know how to knit it perfectly until I came across a great tutorial on Craftsy. As have mentioned a lot on my blog basics is everything. You have to have a foundation before trying to build on some of the complicated stuff thrown out there online. After taking time to master these basic edges you will be shocked how colorful, meaning creative your projects are going to become.

I know that it is hard to reject the will to make a beautiful sweater, scarf, hat or mitten and instead work on stitches and alike. However I ensure you that after some time those hats and scarves you missed out are going to be a lot more beautiful because you took time and worked on some of the fundamental and most beautiful techniques available. I hope you are going to enjoy this tutorial.

Check Out the Tutorial via Link Below:
How to Knit the Picot Hem

Picot Hem Tutorial

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