Point Knitting Tutorial


Today you are going to learn how to knit this beautiful point you can clearly see on the picture. I am pretty sure that you are going to like it. The tutorial was available from the source I am about to link. The English translation is available in the post.

POINT: SANTA CLARA O MOSS 1st round: Mount 1 (one) point knitting needle 4 and 1/2. 2nd round END 1 point increase so to have 17 points, leaving auxiliary needle, thread cutting. 2nd reason Lift the side of the triangle 17 points knit in moss and all turns to the right to increase 1 point at the beginning, a total of 34 points, now on the side of the right lower 1 point are 17 work the last lap of the right, left in suspense cut strand. 3rd Reason lift the side of reason 2nd 34 points and regain the 17 1st reason knitting decreasing 1 point to start the reverse. Are 17 points left in suspense Reason 4th resume points of the 2nd motif (17) and lift 34 points of the reason 3rd (51 points total) knitting while decreasing 1 point at the beginning on the side of the right repeat until remaining 17 points REPEATING 3RD AND REASON TO HAVE 4th APPROXIMATELY 1.30 MTS. FINAL Reason 6th resume points in suspense reason 4 and lift the side of reason 5 ° to have 51 points knitting in Santa Clara DIMINISHING 1 POINT AT THE BEGINNING AND END OF THE TURNS Revez until it is 1 point off.

Source: www.agujaslanasyalgomas.blogspot.com

Video Tutorial Here

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