Flower Lace Shawl

I can clearly admit that this flower lace shawl is one of the most beautiful knitted items that can be found online. There something unique about its’ marvelous design and fancy appearance. The tutorial can very easily become listed on your must to do project notebook. I believe that this lace shawl can be worn on a warm days as well. The usage is a vast.
I found this tutorial on foldi-knit.blogspot.com.
The website itself is highly interesting one, with a lot of other tutorials available for various prices. They also have a Ravelry page and you can check it –> Here.
I believe you are going to love the tutorial and make this shawl for yourself. I am going to try my knitting needles on this, you?

Check out the tutorial via link below:
How to knit a flower lace shawl