Pretty Ornament with Beads – Crochet

I know that there is very little snow to notice around. I understand that the snowflakes are not as trendy as they tend to be from the mid December of each year. However what I fall unable to understand is how not to crochet this beautiful piece of art and wait till the next winter. Because of that I am much dedicated to make this beautiful snowflake / star with the beautiful ornaments as soon as possible.
Is it plausible to make such a beautiful piece for the mediocre crochet lover? Yes it is. In fact you have to know some of the most basic stitches in order to create this snowflake. It is not as complicated as it may be seen with the first glance. I followed the tutorial precisely and in honesty there were no gaps to fill. Each and every step was brought clearly. I believe that we all can create an exact same looking snowflake if we keep our composer throughout the working process. Let’s try and make this beauty.

Check out the full tutorial – here


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