Crochet Tunisian Stitch Hoodie

After discovering this hoodie, some even consider it a poncho, we were in a constant search of the pattern. This very beautiful design seem to have no guidelines whatsoever, no matter how hard we try to discover it online. We have discovered a designer’s webpage and still no signs of pattern or any kind of a guide. As crocheters ourselves we clearly see that the hoodie is made out of a Tunisian knit stitch. So therefore maybe the tutorial for Tunisian knit stitch will do its’ job. At the end of the day if you are capable of crocheting a blanket, you can surely join it in a manner that a top or a poncho can be created. In this article you will find some of the most precise Tunisian knit stitch guidelines that will ensure that you will have enough tools to try to crochet this lovely hoodie.

'); Click here to show tutorial


Designer of this hoodie Bo-M

Tunisian Stitch by Moogly

Tunisian Stitch by HappyBerry

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