Crochet Tote with Pony Beads


The single and most important thing about the whole handmade world and the reason why I am a part of it today is that it is full of creative ideas. Any given crafter is in some kind of a way an artist that creates something totally unique, something that was born deep inside his/her imagination.
Today we are going to look at a tutorial that represents everything that keeps me in the DIY community and everything that I love about it. After combining pony beads and crochet yarn with each other, we are creating a unique tote with these seemingly useless combination.
We found this tutorial online and were pretty surprised that it was not as popular as we had expected. However it is also a sure statement that the popularity of each given DIY project depends on the viewers’ taste. For our taste – this tote is a perfect crochet creation and because of that we believe that a lot of readers viewing this article would love to learn how to make it.
Before jumping straight to the tutorial make sure that you got all the materials needed. I think it is fairly enough to get pony beads somewhere around the block. I hope you are going to love this tutorial and if so, come back for more instructions alike.

'); Click here to show tutorial
Tote with beads:


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