Beautiful Jacket to Knit

Today I am willing to share with you a beautiful knitted design for a jacket. I believe this is very usable wearable and you definitely won’t regret the time spent on knitting the project. I found this tutorial on secondscreen.ru. They had clear explanation for the jacket. However the chart is the only guideline that was provided.
There are a number of different ways that this jacket can be made with. Basically it all comes down with stitches. If you know different stitches than you are clearly going to make this jacket simply by applying the project to the chart visualization and sizing.
I think that in order to create an exact same jacket we have to have a bit more information than we initially do. However I am thinking to make a basic jacked according this design using weave stitch. I don’t claim that this is the perfect decision however I believe you are going to choose the best technique for yourself.

The Design was Originally found via Link Below:
Knitted Jacket – Secondscreen.ru

bezrukavka-poluponcho-vykroyka-2 (1)

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