Autumn Leaves

I think that Svetlana Gordon is one of the best knitters on the planet. She has such a different and unique style. I guess she is very popular for her various projects however for me her leaves stand out the most. She has found such a fine tuning measurements for her autumn leaves’ projects that just looking at them makes you giggle. I would definitely suggest everyone to check out her Raverly page. Even if you are not going to purchase anything there, believe, that you will receive a tremendous amount of inspiration just by viewing her projects.
These pictures were found online and represent the scratches from her leaves’ pattern. However I believe that it will be a lot better id I link you to her full page, where’s you can choose the very design you would love to receive. All of them are great and the color-combinations she uses are just perfect. I am willing to get some of her patterns myself and try to match the beauty that she is able to carry through her works, however I am very sure that it is pretty hart to do. I think you are going to like Svetlana Gordon’s projects.

Check Out Autumn Leaves Pattern via Link Below:
Autumn Leaves; Svetlana Gordon Patterns