International Autism Awareness Day

On April 2 is an international autism awareness day. On this day we stand together with the families struggling against this condition. It is as always hard to dill with the situations like this and the best we can do is to raise the awareness regarding to this topic. We have to understand that each and every person is completely different with the different forms of conditions. With proper approach and still awareness leveling up we can ensure these people to live an absolutely complete lives with an excellent integration within our societies.

Puzzles and the colorfulness of them represent the vast majority of personalities that these people carry within their characters and as puzzles stand still together, may we stand by each other’s side as well.

This post is directed to the crochet enthusiasts, ones that would like to make something beneficial for the community on this date. There is a pattern available for free online that is going to help us to create a specific scarf with the puzzle ornaments, the symbol of autism awareness. Hopefully we will end up giving away some of our created items to the local autism dedication centre, if such presents within our living area. The scarf itself is truly a beautiful one and I would love to wear it myself.

You can Get Scarf Pattern via Link Below:
How to Crochet AAD Scarf – Pattern


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