Get the Tutorial for this Pretty Hat

You may found a great variety of hat and various beanie tutorials online. There are a handful of great material about hat patterns and instructions on our Design-Peak as well. While searching for the tutorials that our readers were going to enjoy we decided to add on to our hat tutorial list and share this wonderful guidelines with our follower crafters.
In today’s post we are going to learn to make a beautiful spiral beanie. It is true that a bit of advanced skills may be required and some cross crafting experience between crochet and knitting may be the right tool to have in this situation. However, we stay optimistic that with this detailed explanation found by us online and the careful approach from the side of our readers we are going to achieve the results we strive to.

Take one step at a time, because there is a lot to look at and learn from this short video. The results are going to cover all the efforts you gave for completing the project. The color combinations are great however you may be better by going at the single color the first time. After creating the beanie with one colored yarn we believe that you will have a lot easier transition in making the multicolor hat. The multicolor appearance clearly adds on the flavor and the prettiness to this project.
Stay tuned and come back on DP for more interesting materials, crafting tutorials and alike. Meanwhile let’s jump to the tutorial and start working together. Have fun.

'); For Crochet Tutorial Click Here


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