Crochet 5 Petal Flower Edge

Check out this photo guidelines for 5 petal flower edge. If these instructions are not enough there are huge variety of video guidelines for this pattern online. We will embed one of them for clarity.

Work given numbers of ch, in this case – 5.
Work one incomplete puff stitch of 2 h.tr/h.dc in 5th ch from hook.
Work one incomplete puff stitch of 4 h.tr/h.dc in next stitch, 3 st skip and work 1 incomplete puff stitch in next stitch.
Yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.
Make 5 ch.
Work puff stitch in top of previous 3 puffs and make given stitches.
Next row, work given stitches and puff stitch of 4h.tr/h.dc in top of 4 puffs below.
Work 3 ch, puff stitch in the same space and given stitches.

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