Crochet Tutorial – Poncho/Cowl

Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful poncho/cowl. Ponchos and cowls are one of the most useful wearables, however a lot of people haven’t tried them out. I had a friend who had never worn one and was saying that it was not her style. I was insisting her to try it on because I knew that one can stay without of a descent poncho if she will get to know just how comfortable it is. Indeed she fell in love with the ponchos and even started crocheting them as well.

Today I decided to find a descent cowl tutorial and share it with you, dear friends and fellow crochet lovers who happen to end up on this wonderful blog – Design-Peak – always friendly and trustworthy. I embedded the tutorial
for you and am pretty positive about the feedback I am going to receive. You are going to love this tutorial!

'); Click here to show cowl & poncho tutorials


Tutorial for the poncho is embeded and shown below:

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