Crochet Butterfly Pattern

We have numerous butterfly tutorials on our website. Most of them are video tutorials. A lot of our readers asked for written instructions and here you have one. We found these instructions online and are eager to share it with you. You are going to look at a written pattern and a chart for complete coverage.
If you prefer video guidelines than surf Design-Peak and you will find couple of those. However if you prefer a chart or a written pattern than this is definitely the tutorial to go with. You can certainly change colors just make sure to assign them correctly.

Yarn Symbols:
In yellow – A.
In green – B.
In orange – C.

Using A, make 13ch, skip 5ch, 2dtr in next ch, 5ch, 1sc in 7th of 13ch, 4ch, (1dtr, 1ttr) in 8th of 13ch, 3ch, ss in top of trr, 6ch, ss I 9 th of 13ch, 9 ch, skip 2ch, ss in next ch, (1ttr, 1dtr) in 10th of 13ch, 4ch, 1sc in 11th of 13ch, 5ch, 2dtr in 12th of 13ch, 5ch, ss in 13th ch. Fasten off.
Using B, make 7ch, skip 1ch, 1sc in next ch, ss in each of next 4 ch. Fasten off.

Gather center, close it and join wings. Press. Stitch body in place. Using C, embroider a spot on each wing. Using B, make antennae.

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