Crochet Backpack

Today we are learning to crochet this wonderful backpack. This backpack is every much a like the one we have previously shared. Our readers liked that bag a lot so we decided to share something similar to them, hence we received a lot of requests of that kind.
Today’s bag, also created by a wonderful craftsman that we’ve fully credited below, is one of the cleanest designs you can find online. The bag is applicable in lots of different ways. You can carry your everyday stuff with it and its’ shape also allows you to use it as a groscery grabber or gym backpack. You name it – this beautiful as can be worn anywhere, well almost anywhere. We are trying our best to recreate what we see on the image below, show us your best shot. Enjoy the tutorial and come back, soon.

'); Click here to show tutorial

Video tutorial:

Lentomaniya Ytb

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