Bobble Flower Tutorial

The very first time I have made the flower with some kind of similar design as this, was probably a couple of month ago. At that time our crew had discovered a very interesting tutorial online and we, as well as our readers, immediately jumped all over that instruction and made the flowers in bunches.

After that I have come across these types of flower tutorials but none of them were appealing enough for me to try to learn how to make them. It all changed once I’ve come across the tutorial that I am about to share with you in today’s article.
Bobble flowers was never the name I was calling the projects alike, however for today at least, let’s steak to the headline that an original creator behind this project came up with. We are going to learn to crochet a beautiful bobble flowers. There are some similarities with the flowers of these type that I have crocheted some time ago, however these ones are a bit smaller and puffier in their appearance and with that they definitely look a lot more cozy.

The tutorial is a great educational piece however there is one single thing that should be mentioned. The tutorial, at least the one that we are about to share in not delivered in English and because the vast majority of our readers are English spoken we believe that some of them may be a bit disappointed, but wait, stand where you are and listen: guidelines are clear and the video shots are perfect the way that even with the mute function I can easily understand what is going ton and so will you.

Bobble flower tutorial here

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