3D Pretty Blanket – Chart + Video Tutorial


Well hello everybody and welcome once again. We are happy to see you returning on our beloved DP. We work very hard to ensure that we provide the unique information – those that our readers may find rather difficult to gather themselves by their own.
Today’s post is all about the 3D blankets, the ones that recently got pretty famous within the community. It is a surprise just how much resonance this simple and seemingly nothing to give pattern has created around itself. However, as always, the brave DIY world is full of new discoveries and trends.aq

This blanket and motif design is something which arouses some pretty strong emotions in the fabric lovers. It can be said that it is not traditional and original design, especially many traditional crochet and knitting lovers will probably admit this notion.
There are several types of tutorials that can help us to learn to make this blanket by our own. We have already talked about the chart pattern in one of our previous posts and still give you the opportunity to go back to the link. However, if your priority is a video tutorial than this current post will be appropriate for you. Today we give you a tool that is going to teach you this pattern through visual contact. To achieve this, we have posted the V-tutorial on the second page of the article. Video tutorial was found online.

I think that a lot of you had a desire for video tutorial after you have seen the appearance of this project in our former post, where the chart pattern was implemented.
I think it’s time to move to the tutorial itself and get involved in the working and learning process. Come back and get some new, fresh and necessary information on this constantly updated site.

'); Click here to show tutorial


Video Tutorial:


How to Crochet 3D Blanket

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