Super Easy Bunny from a Square – Crochet or Knit

Let’s learn how to make the simplest bunny. Crochet and knitting – both are fine with this project.
Some of you who have visited my blog may have already seen a post where I share a great bunny tutorial which I found free on Ravelry. That tutorial was a beautiful one and probably any crafts person would love to make one for an Easter, however there was a bit of a turn off for some readers because of the difficulty of that pattern.
Since then I have tried to find a pattern for an Easter bunny that was as creative and as beautiful as previous one, but a lot simpler.
After a while I came across a video tutorial that is absolutely fascinating when you realize just how easy it is to make a bunny from a square. So for those who had difficulty debugging the pattern of bunny shared previously, you may joyfully make this bunny design which was created by Studio Knit. I believe that you are going to make more than one example, because it is honestly fairly easy to make and while being such an affordable project it remains simply beautiful.

Studio Knit

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