Sunflower Square Pattern


Today we have a unique pattern on display for our readers. We are going to learn to crochet a beautiful sunflower square. It is indeed an original and creative project and even though you may nod your head because there are so many sunflower tutorials out there online, I still insist that there is not a single one quite like this. Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful square of a sunflower however we are going to crochet a fourth of it. In the complete project the appearance will be created by the original and creative decision to complete the project without fully creating the face of a sunflower. Because of this decision the projects becomes a lot more unique and the various items that can be decorated and dressed up with this square are also going to look a lot different than our average ‘Joe’ stuff.


The pattern for this beautiful project we have found online and are more than happy to redirect our readers to the main page. At the end of the day the creators behind these beautiful projects shared everywhere online should receive a huge amount of applause for their creativity and work ethic. Follow the instructions carefully and I guarantee that you are going to make yourself this beautiful piece of crochet art.

Sunflower pattern here

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