Square Flower Tutorial

A lot of similar flowers are on display if you visit Sheruknitting channel. With the very first glance you can see that it is a ‘Sheru’-design and for this I love her creations. Whenever crafter finds his/her niche and whenever their creations are just as easy to spot as if we were looking at a famous artists’ painting, that’s when we can tell that the crafter is fully developed and master of art.


After raising the creator behind this beautiful flower let’s discuss this project furthermore. There are a lot of flowers of this type in her portfolio. So why would you want to learn to make this one and more importantly what knowledge can this tutorial add if you have already watched previous tutorials.
The thing is that this one is a square flower. The shape of the flower when we look at the complete project is not a sphere and oval one. Because of this square outline this flower tends to look a lot more beautiful when implemented with various other projects. Imagine making a chain of square flowers and afterwards even a blanket. Wouldn’t it be great? I believe so.
Well, if we all agree that this tutorial is something that is worth watching than let’s take a look at it and try to mimic the process together.

Square flower tutorial here

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