Stool cover, Coaster to Crochet

This is a unique tutorial for various reasons. The primary reason why we may want to make this beautiful project is its’ appearance. The finished project is absolutely beautiful and classy. Also the reason to hold on is that it is quite a versatile project. You can use it in the various ways – stool cover, coaster, etc… I found this tutorial on lillabjorncrochet.com. This is a wonderful website with a lot of interesting tutorials so you definitely want to check them out.
As for this tutorial, it is not an easy however with the proper approach I believe that all of you can make and complete this beautiful project. I am going to try and make this one as a stool cover first. I know a lot of you may try to make a coaster first for the sizing reasons. One way or another we should try to make this beauty.

Check out the tutorial – here


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