Neat Ripple Tutorial


Let’s look at one of the most popular crochet patterns on Ravelry. While searching for something to make for the weekend I found this wonderful tutorial. The link took me to a great blog and to the complete tutorial for the neat ripple pattern. At first I was pretty surprised that I haven’t seen this one for such a long time. Shortly I am about to guide you to the complete tutorial coverage and link you to the pattern.

Well I guess why I haven’t seen this project before is that I haven’t surfed Ravelry for quite a bit time played some role into this happening. I am pretty sure that I haven’t come up with this particular design on the Facebook. Today I decided to put this on my page and share it with the readers of the Design-Peak. I am going to link you to the original website – Attic24. There you are going to be introduces to the detailed explanation of the neat ripple problem. I am going to try and make the ripple with the help of Attic24 tutorial today, may you join me.

Tutorial be found via link below:
Neat ripple by Attic24

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