How to Crochet a Peacock Hexagon Blanket


Let’s look at one of the most interesting tutorials on the web as for today. We are going to learn to crochet a peacock hexagon blanket. In order to achieve this task we should know how to crochet the very basics of the peacock color square like materials. In this tutorial you are going to get an information covering all the necessary steps in order to complete the project. There are different ways to make this blanket however I believe that the one shown by thewhoot.com is the best possible choice. However, in order to make this beautiful design we should learn how to crochet a basic hexagon as well. Thus, a separate hexagon tutorial is also available. With the combined knowledge from the hexagon and peacock applique guidelines, we are surely going to crochet this beauty together.

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Check out the tutorial via link below:
How to crochet a peacock blanket


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