DIY Butterflies


We love butterflies. Making them is a lot of fun. On our website we have plenty of different butterfly tutorials and you can chose the one that you like the most. No matter what style of crafting you prefer on Design-Peak you will find guidelines for knitting, crocheting and sewing and all will deliver a complete guidelines. Let’s take a look at a sewing tutorial but before checking the sewing one out we would love to bring the crochet tutorial to the table.

In order to sew up the butterfly we need very little equipment and a precise execution. The tutorial was found on @icreativeideas. This website has a lot of different tutorials by the way and you should definitely check them out as well. Meanwhile learn to make these beautiful butterflies.

'); Click here to show tutorials

Crochet butterfly tutorial(sewing one is in the very end of the post):


Follow the link below for the pattern:
Diy butterflies by icreativeideas

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