Cozy Ribbed Scarf as Your Next Knitting Project

Lady by the Bay-Cozy Ribbed Scarf(2)

Is the scarf a wearable to make our neck warm or is it something completely different. Today we can argue that the majority of clothes or accessories are far away from been only the tool for our physical comfort and they do carry some of the more sophisticated characters within themselves.

Let’s take watches. They do show time as they did decades ago but today we all have time running on our smart phones so in reality the watches serve as a accessory, a conversational piece and remarkable craftsmanship example. As for the scarf it is stuck right there in between. We can say the for the most part its’ goal is still to keep us warm however a lot of the new designers that are presented by various designers or handmade enthusiasts do little to know favor for thermal condition stabilization. For the most part they are fashion statements only.
However there are a handful of those designs which equally imply both, the beauty part and the necessity of the item. One of those designs is clearly a scarf presented by LadyByTheBay. Basic, yet so beautiful scarf you almost want to wear it a whole year long, any given season. They provide a full explanation and completely free pattern for this knitted scarf and you definitely want to check it out. This scarf is a pure example of the beautifulness of simplicity.

Check the Knitting Pattern via Link Below:
Cozy Ribbed Scarf Pattern

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