Stitches to Know – Crocodile Stitch – Hooded Cap, Bag, Scarf

A lot of times we forget to master some of the basic stitches and instead of it we try to make the particular projects without knowing the basics building blocks behind them.
After you get that feeling of making your own hat, scarf or etc it is really hard to grab yourself and try to come back to the basics and continue learning the alphabet. Believe after mastering some of the basic stitches your works are going to look much more drastic, creative and a lot more appealing. Thus we can argue that the more basic stitches the craftsmen know the more beautiful his/her works are going to be.

Crocodile stitch is clearly one of the most easily recognizable stitch within the crochet basic techniques’ world. The stitch is used a lot while making shawls, bags or hats. After getting familiar and comfortable with making this kind of the yarn work you are going to make your ordinary designs a lot less ordinary. I myself benefited a lot from learning this technique (I learned it from Yarn-Muse) and believe that you are going to benefit from it as well.
Today we also would love to share a tutorial where you can learn to crochet a wonderful bag, a beautiful hooded cape and a scarf using a crocodile stitch.

'); Click here to show video tutorial

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Check Out Stitch Tutorial via Link Below:
Crocodile Stitch Yarn-Muse


DSC00353 (1)

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