Popcorn Stitch Flower Tutorial

Popcorn stitch flower is simply one of the most appealing crochet flowers you can find online. The stitch itself is quite popular one. Rarely do you find a crochet enthusiast who haven’t tried to crochet the popcorn stitch before. If you somehow are from those who haven’t tried this stitch yet, you should probably check the stitch tutorial prior to this however I believe that even in this case you are capable of making this flower just by its’ won tutorial.
The guidelines I found online cover all the necessary parts of the crocheting process in order to help us to create this beautiful and unique piece. If you find video tutorial not as informing as you wish it was, than the creator of the v-tutorial also has a written pattern available on the website and I am going to link you that source as well. Let’s try to create this flower according to the tutorial.

Check out the tutorial-here