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Love to Crochet a Strawberry Stitch

I love Strawberries. I am waiting all season long to taste the fresh organic strawberries when the right time comes. I simply love them and never seem to get enough. Well as with all the other items in this world. Everything I love in its’ natural form. I also like to crochet. In this case it would be a little bit less satisfying to crochet a realistic strawberry. For this reason I searched the beautiful tutorial that is teaching how to crochet a strawberry that is usable as well. This one is an ornament tutorial, very well used as a coaster or other item in the kitchen I guess. I am pretty sure that you are going to love this tutorial and make your won strawberries. I am about to make them in bunches. Let’s have some fun with our crochet hooks and make something as beautiful as this one in the picture. Let’s try.

Click here to show tutorial


Learn to crochet this beautiful item.