Crochet This Simple 3D Stitch – 2023 Edition

Little rhyme about the 3D stitch we are about to crochet:

Let me tell you a story, my dear

About a stitch that is quite sincere

It’s called the 3D crochet stitch, you see

And it’s a sight to behold, truly

With yarn in hand and hook in tow

You start by chaining, don’t you know

Then double crochet into the base

Until you reach the desired pace

But here’s where the magic starts to show

For the 3D stitch will begin to grow

With a front post treble and a back post too

Your crochet fabric will soon accrue

A textured pattern, so lovely and bold

It’s sure to warm your heart when it’s cold

And with every stitch you make in time

Your confidence in crochet will surely climb

So take your hook and give it a try

Don’t be afraid, just give it a sigh

For the 3D stitch will never disappoint

It’s a stitch that’s worth every single joint

So crochet on, my friend, and don’t be shy

For the 3D stitch will catch everyone’s eye

With its unique texture and stunning design

It’s a stitch that’s truly one of a kind.