Crochet Leaf Bag Pattern

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Pattern: https://www.outstandingcrochet.com/spica-bag-crochet-pattern

Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful 3D leaf bag. Unlike other leaf bag tutorials that can be found on our blog, this one is kind of a special one that is probably suitable for the warm summer weather. The tutorials are quite detailed and the snippets from the description, as well as video tutorial, are provided below.

Guide hook handbag 3D leaf motifs

“Crochet a 3D leaf bag

In order to hook handbags 3D leaf motifs need to prepare the following materials:
Yarn: palm fiber or sedge yarn is beautiful, bag size is about 550m of video.
Hook needle: 2.5mm
If you have a zipper, a pad if possible, you can use the snorkel button as well.
Want to increase the size of 3D leafy handbags, do the following: at the position of 1 last leaf hook, branch 2 hook branch will increase the pocket size.
Note: The following brackets increase to 7 points at the maximum, the front brackets in 3D leaf pattern increase to 16 points is the maximum.”

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