Crochet Block Stitch Pattern

There are numerous different tutorials about crochet box stitch. Some of them are more useful than others and some of them are just brilliant. I believe the one I am going to share with you is a perfect example of how the tutorial of this kind should be delivered. We have embedded a free tutorial on our blog, but also link to a absolutely great website @Mypicot where we’ve found a unique written guidelines for the special box stitch.

I have never seen the box stitch to be as beautiful and appealing as this one. They have surely had a great job creating this pattern. What is also unique, is that they are delivering photo explanations to each individual pattern step, thus making the whole process a lot easier. I am currently working on this pattern and I do have some success at this point, though I am not quite fluent at least for today. I believe that you are going to enjoy this pattern as well, so all I can tell –have fun.

'); Click here to show tutorial


Check Out the Tutorial via Link Below:
How to Crochet a Box Stitch


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