Christmas Angel – Crochet Tutorial

Let’s learn to crochet this wonderful Christmas angel. How do we choose from such a big number of angel tutorials that seem to be found everywhere nowadays. Well, as always, our crew does its’ best to find the most precise, the most unique and the most beautiful crochet project instructions even though there are a vast to choose from. We think that today we have also found an angel that is far better looking than the other ones you can get online.
Not only have we found a crochet tutorial, we have also found an Etsy page for those who do not want to bother crocheting themselves and would love to purchase a product straight forward. So here you have it, as always, all in one article from your Design-Peak: crochet tutorial and a product page all together. Enjoy!

'); Click here to show tutorial


–> You can get this angel here on Etsy <–



Edangra’s Etsy

Ania Crochetpl

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