Cabled Stitch Slippers

Today we are going to try and learn how to crochet a cabled stitch slippers. Most of the time cabled slippers are knitted and rarely we come across crochet instructions for the same project. Today we here at Design-Peak tried our best to find crochet guidelines for the cabled footwear. We have come across some free and some paid material and we think that the combined knowledge is definitely going to benefit you. We are sharing you a video tutorial for the crochet cabled stitch slippers, slightly different than the ones shown on the picture but still applicable. We are also sharing with you the cabled stitch guidelines, also in the video format and also using crochet technique only. On top of that we are sharing with you knitted video tutorial for the same boots and the pattern that you can get on etsy, that will most likely cover all the elements you need to know. You choose which one suits you the best.

');Click here to show slippers tutorial

Video tutorials are below the pattern link:

Cabled Slippers:




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