Beautiful and Easy Beanie to Knit

This hat is a clean one. It is made with style and grace. One Two Knits is the author of the pattern. I found this tutorial free on Ravelry and fell instantly with love. I am going to knit this one. Of course I myself like original projects and something rather different, however I want to have one classic and clean hat to wear on every given occasion. At the first glance I thought that the pattern was a hard one to grasp, but don’t be afraid. It is an easy one and if you are somewhat familiar with the basics of knitting you should be fine.

I try to keep up to date the blog and upload various tutorials every time I have a possibility and the time to do so. If you are interested in   the tutorials make sure to check out Design-Peak for more.

Get the Pattern via the Link Below:
How to Knit an Easy Beanie

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