Bag from T-Shirt

Let’s assume that you have some old t-shirts (which you probably have) that don’t look as well as they used to, or they don’t fit us anymore or any other reason we want to get rid of them. Instead of just getting rid of our old clothes we may use them in order to create something rather useful and quite original.
For example from t shirts we can make dress and top if the fitting is right. We can great even a bit creative and make a bag from it. Now it won’t be a go to bag for any occasion but it will surely serve you one way or another and definitely look great and original. Luckily mommypotamus.com has a great tutorial with the photo explanations that teaches us how to transfer our t-shirts to bags. Just think about the possibilities and the variations of appearances that can be achieved by this process – we might as well decide to ruin our net T-s as well.  Let’s try.

Check Out the Tutorial via Link Below:
Make a Bag from a T-shirt


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