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100+ Crochet Stitch Symbols


Learning the basics of crochet is pivotal for your farther development. If you want to become a profound crafts specialist and create some of the most beautiful crochet items you can find online, than you should definitely work on your basics game. Today I am willing to share with you one of the most important crochet guidelines you are going to come across period.
You are going to look at the symbols of 130 basic crochet stitches. Along with the symbols you are going to look at the photos which show exactly what the symbol means. I am pretty sure that you are going to love the tutorial and share it with your friends for the sake of the crochet community. Have fun and enjoy.

Click here to show 100+ Stitches



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    1. This is awesome but does anyone think the pattern could be altered for paper piecing? that would be super coetro-esl…and less scissors which I fear I no longer know how to use 🙂 I'd volunteer but fear I'd make a mess of it

  1. Excellent variety of stitches to learn.
    Now we’re do I go for specific patterns to make something?

  2. Molto interessante è direi importante senza questi nn si và da nessuna parte.x le persone que piace lavorare # CROCHET.grazie, grazie mille x questo regalo.

  3. Quisiera recibir tus publicaciones en castellano para aprender a crochet está ya e visto tus creaciones y son hermosas ,me encantan quiero aprender Dios te bendiga amiga

  4. I need to know how to do a couple kind of stichs in crocheting. Don’t know the right of hand. So. How do I see all your crocheting stichs, so I can find what I’m looking for ?

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