More Stitches equals More Creativity – Scalloped Edge Stitch

Learning different stitches is clearly the best exercise we as craftsmen can do. Different stitches mean a lot of different ways we can manipulate our projects. A lot of times we look at some particular work and assume that it’s all about creativity that made this whole thing to come together. However we are wrong. Of course creativity plays a huge role in the developing of the complete knitted project however we should ask ourselves – where does this creative approach come from? And the answer is a bit simpler than we may think – proper knowledge of the basic is what determines an outcome.

If you are good at basic stitches and know how to properly make a handful of them than you can cherry pick the right and most suitable ones for the different projects.
On Howdidyoumakethis blog I found a great photo tutorial where they explain every bit of a scalloped knitting edge stitch making. After mastering this stitch you will be surprised how many of your projects can benefit from this easy technique, I myself implemented this stitch to a lot of my already finished projects. I hope that you are going to find this tutorial as useful as I did.

Tutorial: Scalloped Knitting Edge Stitch

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