Learn to Crochet a Starburst Granny Square

Starburst granny square is a beautiful project and a lot of people would love to know how to crochet one. In today’s article we are going to introduce a decent tutorial that we have discovered online. This tutorial will certainly teach you how to crochet a starburst granny square. There are multiple guidelines for this very project out there on the web, but we believe that this particular one contains the best instructions you can get when it comes to a starburst granny. Tutorial is easy to follow. Keep in mind that blue color variations are making the starburst granny more obvious and if you are going to use only one colored yarn, the results won’t be as appealing as this granny on the photo. Give it your best shot and tell us how it went.

'); Click here to show tutorial

Starburst granny square video tutorial:

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