Drop Stitch Scarf Tutorial

Drop stitch is a wonderful one to master. After mastering it there are numerous ways of using the stitch for different projects. The easiest of the projects to follow are scarf and blanket. I believe that blankets should be a bit denser than drop stitch tends to be. Because of that I think that the perfect choice is to go with the scarf.
There are different approaches to scarf knitting with the drop stitch technique. Almost on every occasion I suggest to make scarf in colors if you are using this stitch. The reasoning behind is that colored drop stitch is a lot more easy to read and visible for the eye. Christine Vogel has a wonderful tutorial on her R-page and I think that this is the scarf to go if we are going to use the drop stitch. I am not going to lie I haven’t tried this pattern for myself, so I don’t know whether or not it is a complicated one. However I have knitted a drop stitch before and I don’t think that there will be dramatic additions while creating the scarf, thus as an average knitter I should be fine to go. Let’s see what we are going to end up with.

See the Pattern via the Link Below:
Drop Stitch Scarf from Christine