Crochet Santa Amigurumi Tutorial

We have already learned how to crochet a beautiful jingle bell and a unique Santa applique – all in our previous tutorials. Today we are going to add up to our Christmas portfolio another holiday project. Ladies and gentlemen; we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful Santa doll, amigurumi as crochet toys are called in craft community. The tutorial is rather simple and divided into multiple easy steps. All of them are clear and well-explained in the tutorial that we have embedded on our blog. The clear instructions for the body parts aren’t given simply because you are free to make them the way you want. So, to be more specific, there is no need for certain stitch, you can crochet body parts using the stitch you know the best – the appearance will still be the same. Other than that all the major step are explained in the tutorial you can view down below after following the drop down menu with the ‘plus’ aside. It’s Christmas time, let’s get Schwifty.

'); Click here to show tutorial


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