Pretty Motif Blanket Pattern

What else can we make with such a beautiful motif’ design. Of course the go to move will be to seam them up in the beautiful manner to make an afghan or a blanket out of the small project. As always when it comes to motifs and squares, quantity plays its huge part in the […]


Crochet Heart Shawl

Today we are going to learn a beautiful heart shawl. There are different ways to approach the project where you want heart ornaments to be implemented. One of the most creative and appealing approaches will be discussed in today’s tutorial. We found the tutorial online and are more than eager to guide our readers to […]


Vintage Square Tutorial

Today we are going to lean t crochet a beautiful, vintage granny square. Some blogs refer to this design as a wedding ring square, I have hard time figuring out the reasoning behind this name and we, here at Design-Peak will simply call it a vintage textured granny square design. Never mind actual name, the […]


Crochet Heart Hat

What a beautiful design. The hat is completely made out of a crochet heart ornaments. The tutorial is surely going to be the one most of our readers will strive to follow. The project is more that suitable for them weather outside, at least it is pretty frosty down here. In the tutorial we are […]


Grace Blanket Tutorial

Today we are about to check out a beautiful grace blanket tutorial. What a beautiful piece of art and we guarantee that if followed the instructions carefully, we all are going to have ourselves blanket like this one. Let’s talk a bit about a pattern itself. The pattern is delivered both verbally and with the […]


Leaf Ornament Blanket

Today we are going to take a look at a pretty interesting tutorial. Leaf ornaments are very popular and used in various different project and we believe that this blankets tend to make them look very in place and beautiful. The tutorial we are about to share with you is certainly be enjoyable for the […]


Texas Prison Inmates Crochet for Kids

What a heart-warming story jumped out yesterday. We suddenly came across the article and were pleased to watch how Texas prison inmates were making stuffed animals for kids. After seeing this video it was pretty hard to stay emotionless. Inmates decided to gather around the good reason, learn to crochet stuffed animals and do so […]


Crochet Slouchy Hat

Today we have yet another tutorial that is going to keep us warm and cozy in the long run and surely for this season at least. The tutorial for today is for a beautiful crochet slouchy hat. Boy, you are going to enjoy this one, I surely did. In this tutorial we are going to […]


3D Puff Stitch Flower Tutorial

Flowers are always a go to projects for us when we have nothing to make. Well sometimes blankets are the ones to go, however considering the amount of time and energy blankets require from time to time, it is a bit more relaxing to crochet a brand new flower from time to time. The tutorial […]


Amigurumi Horse Pattern

What a beautiful design. Only one and only one creator could come with such a fascinating appearance of a basic crochet horse. is the only place where you can find tutorials like this. Truly what an amazing job, isn’t it? By following the pattern we are going to crochet the very same horse. Now […]