Pretty Weave Stitch

Various weave stitches can be found online and even here on Design-Peak.com. The thing is that the weave stitch is a very broad name. Some stitches just look like weave ones and because we can’t come with a definitive name we just tend to call it – just another weave stitch. Today we have just… Read More Pretty Weave Stitch


DIY Paper Flower

Another simple and joyful tutorial is available on Design-Peak. A couple of days ago we came across this rather interesting and unique tutorial on Youtube. We believe that our readers, even though they are a lot more interested in yarn projects, are going to enjoy this one as well. All you need is a paper,… Read More DIY Paper Flower


How to Crochet a Backpack

A lot of different backpack tutorials can be found on our blog. Some of them managed to become very popular on social media platforms. Today we are sharing a tutorial for a beautiful backpack. We hope that this one will also manage to grab your attention. The tutorial is very easy to follow. This backpack… Read More How to Crochet a Backpack