Creative Coffee Mugs

Every busy person’s morning starts with a cup of coffee. This tasty drink is an everyday thing for most of us. For some people it became a daily routine and maybe even a boring activity. Today we present you creative mug designs which will make you wanna drink coffee even if you don’t want to.

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This mug makes you think it’s sinking in a liquid surface. The bottom is turned a little bit aside so that the sinking effect would look natural.


“Ctrl Alt Delete mug set” is a must-have for a computer programmer or a software engineer.



We all have to thank the designer of this coffee mug. By cutting a thin line he solved a world problem. The line is made to stop coffee drops dripping down the mug and this way the table stays clean.

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When this mug is full, the figures inside are not visible. A Great way to prank your friend. The expression on his face will be priceless when he sees an octopus in his coffee.


A concrete textured coffee mug with a wooden bottom. A must-have for an architect or a designer.

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These awesome coffee mugs will look great in modern interior with dark tones and wooden elements.




There’s nothing special about these cups, except for their texts. Nobody likes getting up in the morning and funny quotes are great to cheer yourself up or somebody else.