Butterfly Lights

Order directly from Amazon: If you want to decorate your yard, garden, just a single tree with an amazing lights than this product is something that you might want to look at. The lighting looks very eye catching and at the same time doesn’t stand out as much to bother. You can buy these lights… Read More Butterfly Lights


Beanie in Different Sizes with Flower Ornament – DIY Guidelines (Knitting Edition)

Learning to make a hat, beanie is a wonderful process itself. After knowledge comes into existence we end up with a beautiful project for ourselves. However it is always better to know how to make certain projects in various sizes and that way we can make something special to all of our family members and… Read More Beanie in Different Sizes with Flower Ornament – DIY Guidelines (Knitting Edition)


Gorgeous Flower to Crochet

Very beautiful flower. I am luckily surprised that for so many years of me personally following the crochet world and participating in its’ beautiful community, during all these years, I have yet to encounter design crisis. It seems like all the stitches are there, seems like we have tried this way and that way and… Read More Gorgeous Flower to Crochet


Crochet Flamingo Booties

How flamingos manage to always stay relevant in trends was always a question for me. From the early 20th century and Las Vegas beginnings flamingos were (pretty much always always) thought as trendy and fashion related birds. Today we have a full view of swimming floaters with flamingo shapes, shirts with flamingos painted all over… Read More Crochet Flamingo Booties


DIY Yarn Birds

Hello there. If you were in a search of a new DIY tutorial involving animals and dolls, you have most certainly found the right article. Today we are going to share a beautiful yarn bird tutorial to our readers. In fact we are going to embed two separate tutorials for somewhat same projects. The reason… Read More DIY Yarn Birds


Yarn Feather Tutorial

Feather can be made in a lot of different ways. You can find knitted and crochet feather projects on our website, however the tutorial we are going to share with you today will probably be more demandable than the ones mentioned above. Yarn feather is a beautiful project and the best part about it is… Read More Yarn Feather Tutorial


V Stitch Square Tutorial

We here at Design-Peak love to crochet squares. A lot of times we are finding ourselves in kind of a loop situation where all of our creations look alike. The day we discover ourselves looping we go online and search for refreshing ideas and new tutorials that are emerging around the web. Our latest finding… Read More V Stitch Square Tutorial