Snowman Pattern

Snowman tutorials are very popular on this time of the year. A lot of yarn lovers and DIY enthusiast search for various snowman tutorials and make at least a couple of them. Today we are lucky enough to enjoy the pattern of this beautiful creation. The pattern was found on This website may be […]


Cyanne Blanket Tutorial

What a beautiful throw to make. There is nothing better to glide yourself beneath the cozy blanket on a frosty winter day, drink your tea and enjoy the evening feeling warm and beloved surrounded by the family members. Making blankets and throws is easily the most entertaining and relaxing crafting experience for me. In today’s […]


Crochet Bun Hat

Today we are going to look at a beautiful and very creative tutorial. How about to learn to crochet a bun hat. It should definitely be a lot of fun and the project will probably end up being a lot more useful than our average crochet item. The tutorial will surely help us to create […]


Snowflake Tutorial

We have already shared couple of interesting snowflake tutorials. However because of the season it seems like the readers and crafty people can’t get enough of the beautiful handmade ideas of snowflakes. Today we are going to share a very informative snowflake tutorial that can be used in a various ways. For the most part […]


Crochet Star Decoration

There are plenty of decoration tutorials to pick from in order to create something for the winter holidays and to create a décor in general. Some of those we have shared already, some of them were not in our and we believe in our readers taste. This one seems to be the one that both […]


Irish Flower Tutorial

Today we are going to share with you a beautiful tutorial that we have found online. It has been a while since we have searched and shared a flower tutorial with our readers. The Irish flower we are going to learn to make today is going to be a good addition to Christmas decorations and […]


Beautiful Handmade Purse Pattern

Women use parses a lot. The usage of this little wearable is a vast. Therefore we the members of DIY community tend to make handmade bags and purses quite a lot. Today we would love to share with you tutorial that we used while working on our own projects. The tutorial was found on @ […]


Flower Blanket Tutorial

The amazing appearance of this blanket made us wonder how it was made. We found a tutorial that showed us exactly what steps to take in order to create this beautiful piece of art. We believe that our readers are going to appreciate and use this tutorial. Step by step explanations are clearly given in […]


Easy DIY Snowman from a Sock

Today we are going to look at one of the most simple and attractive DIY projects for the winter holidays. We are going to learn how to make a beautiful snowman. Yes, there are a lot of different snowman tutorials available and you have probably seen enough, or did you? I bet this simple tutorial […]


15 Christmas DIY Tutorial

Christmas is near and we believe all of you, well the decent majority at least, are in a search of interesting and creative Christmas tutorials and probably the easy tutorials are the ones you prefer as well. We found a great video tutorial where 15 different Christmas DIY project guidelines are shown. By following the […]