Interior Design

Modern Mini Libraries At Home


These shelves help this room look more alive. It is very important to choose the right colored books, especially for minimalism style interior. These books are the leading objects in this area and it’s probably better not to touch them and leave them the way they are…Okay maybe it’s not one of the best rooms to relax and read but the shelves are stylish and they blend with the interior.


As mentioned previously, the area under the stairs is usually unused, as well as the wall along the stairs. This is the solution to the problem – why not make stairs with shelves? It’s creative, functional and stylish. In this picture the shelves are filled with different objects, but Hey, nobody said shelves are for books only.


This is probably the most comfortable place to read your favorite book, with a mug of hot chocolate. There’s nothing special about those shelves, but the huge window with a beautiful view and a cozy pillows make this room spectacular.